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cat senior Advancing age is a natural process. It is not a disease. As cats age, many things change including physical appearance and medical conditions. These changes may not be correctable, but they are often manageable with routine care.

Keep your senior cat healthy all year long with these senior cat wellness package deals offered through January 31, 2019!

The following services are included in our Senior Wellness Package for a discounted rate of $371. That is over a $117 savings compared to the sum of our normal prices. Additionally, cats will get $25 off a dental cleaning and 6 complimentary nail trims over the next 12 months (over a $120 savings!).

  • Senior Wellness Exam - normally priced at $59.50
  • Baseline Health & Wellness Panel - normally priced at $158
  • Heartworm Test - normally priced at $78
  • Urinalysis with Sedimentation - normally priced at $59
  • Eye Pressure Screening - normally priced at $34
  • Blood Pressure - normally priced at $44
  • Venipuncture - normally priced at $10.80
  • Cystocentesis - normally priced at $11.70
  • Intestinal Parasite Exam - normally priced at $33

Download a full price and service listing of our Senior Wellness Package Special here.

Our goal for senior cats is to:

  • provide them with the healthiest and highest quality of life possible
  • to reduce health risks, detect diseases as early as possible, and improve or maintain overall health

Learn more about what happens when you cat ages here.

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